© Christiane Spatt

Spatt Christiane


Born: Innsbruck in 1966
lives and works in Vienna (A)
1995 M.A. Postgraduate at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (A)
1985-1995 Studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (A), with Oswald Oberhuber, Ernst Caramelle und Mario Terzic
Purchases of the Federal Chancellery Vienna, the Cultural Office Innsbruck, the Cultural Department Tyrol, the Austrian National Bank and the Hypobank (A)
2005 Studio Grant, City of Vienna (A)
Member of the Community of Interests of Fine Arts and the Tyrolean Artist Association
1986 Talent Scholarship of the provincial Government of Tyrol (A)

Exhibitions 2008-13 (selective)
„Still“, Rlb Kunstbrücke, Innsbruck (catalogue)
„Kunst-stoff-art“ (Material / Materie)“ with Judith Sturm, basement, Vienna
„Cloudless climes and starry skies“, with Diana Deu, Galerie Stock, Vienna
„Keine Zeit“, G.A.S. Station, Berlin (catalogue)
„Sensitive extra“, MSU Zagreb (catalogue)
„Shadows of the bright“, Showroom Unter den Linden, Berlin
„Big project-behind curtains“, Sala Terrena, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna
“the story of …”, Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna (catalogue)
„eMontion“, Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, with Helmut Hable (catalogue)
„Tame birds sing of freedom, wild birds fly.“, katholische Fakultät, Innsbruck
„make me feel close to it“, with Jörg Coblenz, Galerie Kobochika, Tokio
„The story of…“, Galerie Stock, Vienna (catalogue)
„double volley“, Galerie Area 53, Vienna
„Wiener Gerücht“, MUSA, Vienna
„transgressing transience“, flat 1, Vienna
„regenerate-Wahlverwandschaften“, Galerie Stock, Vienna (catalogue)
„SOKU.Soziales und Kunst“, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck
„Alles in mir ist eine Reise“, artdepot, Innsbruck
„artMart 08“ Künstlerhaus, Vienna
„e-motion“, GAS Station, Berlin
„Festival franje“, Amersfoort, Netherlands
FRAU / WOMAN Al Kahf Gallery, Betlehem, Palästine