© Wolfgang Kammerer

Kammerer Wolfgang

Born in Scheibbs, Lower Austria, in 1952 From 1971 – 1977 study of medicine at Vienna University; 1977 graduation, Dr med Since 1980 General Practitioner in Gresten, Lower Austria Since the beginning of the 1980’s growing interest and autodidactic approach to photography as art; consecutive participation and formation in numerous workshops and masterclasses of renowned photgraphers and visual artists Numerous exhibitions and partcipations thereof; twice nominated for the „Rupertinum Fotopreis“, Salzburg Extensive treatment of the topic of history & theory of photography Collector of historical photograhs, specializing in the landscape photography between World Wars I & II Artist’s statement: In all my photographical work so far – just like in my current collecting activities – the topic of recollection and the critical reflection of the question which part the medium of photography plays in this respect have been of crucial importance to me. The topos of landscape – since its beginning a central motif in the new visual medium – serves as a means to combine these two fields of activities, both as the subject of photography and a mirror of the soul of those who have treated it in such diverse manner („inner landscape“).