© Christine Elsinger

Elsinger Christine

1952 born in Vienna / Austria; 1970 Art studies / Academy of Fine Arts / Vienna; 1975 Painting certificate, several art prizes for painting; since 1991 membership at the art- photographers associations AD OCULOS / OSTWIND / Vienna and FOTO FLUSS, Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria.
Organisation of many exhibitions, leading of workshops, performances, choreographies, making of animation films; many exhibitions and culture exchanges since 1988 -2012 in Austria, Germany, Latvia, Litvenia, France, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Syria, Brasilia.

About my art work:
In my art works I am often combining different elements of pictures to new and surprising combinations. By the help of different technics like fotomontage, transparent structures of layers or moveable fragments of pictures in animation films I try to find more intensity of my message. In my choreographies and performances the actors are merging with the background and surroundings to a visible unity.

Foto: Christine Elsinger, aus: Body / signs 2004