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Capor H. H.

Hermann Capor, born in Vienna, Austria. In 1966, he finished his apprenticeship in photography. 1981 begin of artistic work; further education at the Salzburg College; studies at the International Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg under Friedl Kubelka (1987) and Nan Goldin (1994). Since 1997 staff member and curator at the Fotogalerie Wien. Numerous participations in photography festivals and art fairs. Organizer of cultural projects, held lectures and workshops in Austria and abroad.

Artist Statement
My work may be regarded as a constant confrontation with taboos in society. Initially I concentrated on topics religion and state in an actionistic way. For some years I have dealt with social aspects, finding taboos as well. Deserted Fathers considers the problems emigrated Ukrainian women, or Veiling, uncovering the taboo around the voluntary veiling of Muslim women. Both are works with a strong reference to modern times, reacting to and playing with social reality.
Photos, videos, music, installation and works in public space are applied for the realization, guaranteeing – depending on the topic – an optimal transfer to the recipient.